17 October 2018

Paul Davies AM talks local business with Fishguard and Goodwick Chamber of Trade and Tourism

Paul is pictured at a meeting organised by the Fishguard and Goodwick Chamber of Trade and Tourism.Paul Davies AM was delighted to attend a meeting organised by the Fishguard and Goodwick Chamber of Trade and Tourism to discuss the future of rural businesses.

Paul Davies said, “It was a privilege to attend and speak at the recent meeting organised by Fishguard and Goodwick Chamber of Trade and Tourism. Even though the weather was atrocious, a number of people attended to discuss the future of rural businesses and it was great to engage with local SMEs. It is vital that Governments at all levels do everything they can to create the conditions for small businesses to thrive.”


First Minister ignorant of the facts surrounding flood defence failures

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has slammed the First Minister for his ‘ignorant’ and ‘lazy’ response to questions on last weekend’s devastating floods in Wales.

During today’s First Minister’s questions, Paul Davies AM highlighted the lack of lack of priority given by Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government’s cuts to flood defence spending as two significant factors behind the extent of the devastation.

Mr Davies went on to reveal that the Welsh Government had slashed spending on flood defences between 2015/16 and 2016/17 by almost 50% – from £18 million to £9.5 million.


11 October 2018

Statement of Opinion on World Homelessness Day - Signed

Paul Davies AM has signed a Statement of Opinion to mark World Homelessness Day. This statement will be read out in the Assembly Chamber today by David Melding AM and will hopefully reinforce the Welsh Conservative Party stance on this very important issue which affects people throughout Wales. A home is a basic right for every single person, and opportunities needs to be given to everyone to have a chance to promote good health and to contribute to and feel a part of society.

Mr Davies said, “It was so disappointing to see figures released by Crisis which shows that 8200 people in Wales are facing the absolute worst forms of homelessness. My colleagues and I welcome the ambition from Crisis that they want to see homelessness eradicated throughout the whole of the UK. The Welsh Government needs to redouble its efforts to cease homelessness in Wales and to introduce specific measures which will tackle this huge issue.”


We need to ‘Beat the Flu’ across Wales

Paul is embracing the campaign to ‘Beat Flu’.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is embracing the campaign to ‘Beat Flu’ and is encouraging people to have the flu jab, particular those in the ‘at risk groups’ who receive their vaccination free to help avoid flu and the potential serious implications. The key messages are to ‘Catch It’ by always coughing or sneezing into a tissue. ‘Bin It’ by disposing of the tissue as soon as possible. ‘Kill it’ by cleaning your hands as soon as you can. Avoid contact with others until you feel better, and to keep hard surfaces clean.

Mr Davies said “Many people contracted flu last year in Wales, with particular outbreaks in care homes and hospitals. In light of the fact that flu can be fatal, it is imperative that information is shared with as many people as possible to reinforce the importance of the vaccination.


09 October 2018

Welsh Conservative Leader slams ‘government inertia’ for poor broadband coverage in Wales

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has blamed Wales’ poor broadband coverage on Welsh Government ‘bureaucratic inertia’.

Speaking following First Minister’s questions, Paul Davies also stated that the delayed rollout of Superfast Cymru was another example of the Government’s ‘incompetent’ approach to public procurement.

In its 2011 manifesto, the Welsh Labour Party committed to ensuring that all residential premises and businesses in Wales would have access to Next Generation Broadband by 2015, and that 50 per cent of properties or more would have access to 100Mbps.


05 October 2018

AM Urges Local Community Health Council to Call in Health Board Proposals

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently written to Hywel Dda Community Health Council (CHC) to call in the Health board’s proposals to downgrade Withybush hospital. Hywel Dda Community Health Council serves as an independent statutory organisation which represents the interests of patients and has the authority to refer the health’s board’s plans to the Welsh Government for a final decision before services are centralised.

Mr Davies commented, “It’s absolutely clear that the Health Board’s proposals do not carry the support of local people and as such, it’s crucial that the local Community Health Council intervene and ensures that the patient’s voice is fully represented. The impact of these proposals on the people of Pembrokeshire simply cannot be ignored and the local Community Health Council must now ensure that the patient’s voice is heard and respected. I look forward to receiving a response from the CHC and working with them to see services protected now and for the future at Withybush hospital.”


Paul Davies Meets with Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Paul Davies is pictured with Grace Paget of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with Grace Paget, the Public Affairs Officer for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust to discuss the work of the organisation across Wales and to learn more about the impact that living with cystic fibrosis has on families across the country.

Mr Davies commented, “It was a pleasure to meet with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and to hear more about their work across Wales. Cystic Fibrosis affects more than 10,000 people in the UK and so it’s crucial that we recognise some of the challenges that people living with cystic fibrosis face on a day to day basis. It was also great to hear more about the Access to Medicines campaign and the importance of drugs like Orkambi in improving lung health and reducing hospitalisations. Their campaign is an important one and I look forward to continuing to work with the Trust to see these drugs being made more widely available to people living with cystic fibrosis in Wales.”


Community Arts Exhibition Launched by Local AM

Paul is pictured at the launch of the exhibition.An exhibition showcasing the work of the local community in Fishguard and Goodwick has been officially launched by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. The Coast Lines ‘Every Drawing Tells A Story’ exhibition will be at the Assembly’s Pierhead building and is running until October 23rd. It features a 30-foot panel which depicts life in Fishguard and Goodwick as well as one of the drawing sheds that contained sketches and artworks from local residents and visitors.

Mr Davies said, “I’m extremely proud to sponsor the Coast Lines exhibition. Pembrokeshire is fast developing a reputation as a haven of the arts and it gives me great pleasure to help showcase our local artistic talents to the rest of the country. The ‘Every Drawing Tells A Story’ exhibition is simply extraordinary and captures the real sense of identity that people living in Fishguard and Goodwick have for their local community.


Reaction to Plaid's Call for Welsh Independence

Plaid Cymru’s calls for independence are ‘out of touch’ with the people of Wales, according to the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives.

Paul Davies AM said the calls were ‘hypocritical’ of a Party who cry for ‘more certainty in one week, and then want complete economic chaos in the next’.

The statement was made in response to the announcement by the Leader of Plaid Cymru that 'independence must be on the table’ after Brexit.


03 October 2018

Paul Davies AM’s Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2018 in full

Cynhadledd, prynhawn da, a gai ddechrau trwy ddweud mor falch ydw i, i siarad â chi heddiw fel arweinydd newydd Ceidwadwyr Cymru yng Nghynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru.

Mae’n anrhydedd enfawr.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and for those of you who don’t speak the language of heaven, can I begin by saying how proud I am to speak to you today as the new leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly for Wales.


28 September 2018

Welsh Conservatives congratulate new Plaid Cymru leader

Commenting, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Paul Davies AM said:

“I congratulate Adam Price on being elected as the leader of Plaid Cymru, and look forward to working with him in the Assembly on areas of common interest.

“I hope that Adam realises that Plaid members have now signalled a new direction. This is a clear instruction to end Welsh Labour rule and that they should no longer prop them up.

“I have been consistently clear in not taking anything off the table when it comes to putting the Welsh Conservatives in government because my priority and mission is to provide a real, genuine alternative to this failing Welsh Labour administration, and change Wales for the better.”


27 September 2018

‘Ditch The Junk’ with Breast Cancer UK

Paul is pictured with Jacquie Fagan of Breast Cancer UK.A campaign to encourage people to reconsider some of the potential dangers of cosmetics and personal care products has been backed by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. ‘Ditch the Junk’, a campaign launched by Breast Cancer UK is encouraging people across Wales to do some research on some of the products that they use on a daily basis and see if there’s an opportunity to replace them with natural products that are much more safer.

Mr Davies said, “A number of cosmetics and personal care products are known to contain chemicals which can disrupt or interfere with the human hormone system and so it’s important that we all take a moment to really think about some of the products that we take for granted every day.


Welsh Conservatives call on the Welsh Government to appoint a minister to promote Wales as a trading destination

The move follows the recommendation made by the Welsh Assembly’s Economy Committee for a new trade and international relations minister responsible for “selling Wales to the world”.

This comes only a week after the Welsh Conservatives appointed their own Shadow Cabinet Secretary dedicated to external affairs and international relations – Darren Millar AM.

The committee’s recommendation was that the Welsh Government “should give serious consideration to creating a specific cabinet post to combine responsibilities for international trade and Brexit implementation, in order to provide further focus to this area and regular and structured opportunities for scrutiny”.


26 September 2018

AM’s Fury at Local Health Board Decision

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has expressed his anger at the recent announcement that Withybush hospital will be ‘repurposed’ and lose its status as a round-the-clock general hospital. Mr Davies is calling on the Welsh Government to urgently intervene in the matter and reverse the health board’s catastrophic decision.

Mr Davies said, “I’m extremely angry and disappointed that following an extensive public consultation, Hywel Dda University Health Board has simply ignored the views of the people of Pembrokeshire. It is unacceptable that Withybush hospital will be downgraded and that patients will have to travel further for essential treatments and services.


Paul Davies Wears it Pink to support Breast Cancer Now

Paul is supporting 'Wear it Pink' for breast cancer awareness.Paul Davies AM was pleased to visit the Breast Cancer Now Event in the Senedd recently to help highlight the campaign to ‘Wear it Pink’ to fund vital research to help create a future where everyone with Breast Cancer can live. In Preseli Pembrokeshire, there are 408 new cases of Breast Cancer each year, which is an equivalent of 187 per 100,000 women.

Mr Davies commented, “Sadly 89 women lose their lives to Breast Cancer in the Hywel Dda Health Board area each year, which represents 45.8 per 100,000 women, which compares with the National Average of 37.4 per 100,000.
I hope a number of people will be able to ‘Wear it Pink’ and organise events in the local area to raise essential funds and awareness for this good cause.”


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