16 May 2018

AM Visits Local Tourism Businesses for Wales Tourism Week

Paul is pictured at Lochmeyler Farm Cottages, in Llandeloy.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited two Pembrokeshire based tourism businesses as part of Wales Tourism Week 2018. The tour, arranged by Pembrokeshire Tourism saw Mr Davies visit Lochmeyler Farm Cottages, in Llandeloy, run by Margo and Matthew Evans and Bethsaida B&B in St Dogmael’s run by Jo Pitt and her husband Tony.

Mr Davies said, “There’s no better way to support and celebrate Wales Tourism Week than by visiting two fantastic local businesses in Pembrokeshire. I was delighted to visit Lochmeyler Farm Cottages, which was recently shortlisted in the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards for its accommodation. The Farm has also started producing its own ice cream, which I’m sure will also be shortlisted for awards in the future.”


AM Attends British Heart Foundation event

Paul is pictured at the recent British Heart Foundation event.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by the British Heart Foundation to learn more about the impact that heart and circulatory disease has in Preseli Pembrokeshire. Mr Davies also had his blood pressure taken at the event, and took a refresher CPR course before discussing the British Heart Foundation’s research and the work that they are currently doing across Wales.

He said, “It’s estimated that 8,600 people in Pembrokeshire are living with heart and circulatory disease and so it was really useful to attend the British Heart Foundation’s event to hear more about the impact that this is having on local communities. I was also delighted to refresh my CPR skills and have my own blood pressure taken. Of course, research tells us that factors such as smoking and poor diet can contribute massively to the risk of heart disease and so it’s incumbent on all of us to assess ways in which we can minimise those risks in our lives. Small steps such as reducing salt in your diet or even adding beetroot to your diet can make a difference and so I hope that people across Pembrokeshire will consider making small changes such as this so that we can see a decrease in the number of people living with diabetes and heart and circulatory disease in the local area.”


Paul Davies Welcomes Elly Neville to the Senedd

Paul is pictured with Ward 10 campaigner Elly Neville.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently welcomed eight-year-old Ward 10 campaigner Elly Neville to the National Assembly for Wales, along with Assembly colleagues. Elly Neville has raised over £150,000 in under three years for her Ward 10 Flag Appeal for Withybush hospital and the funds raised are ring-fenced to improve the experiences of patients accessing Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care services at Withybush hospital.

Mr Davies said, “It was a real treat to once again meet Elly and her parents and talk about her fantastic fundraising efforts. The Ward 10 Flag Appeal is a household name in Pembrokeshire and I’m delighted that it continues to go from strength to strength. I hope that Elly and her parents enjoyed their time at the Assembly and I look forward to continuing to work with them and everyone with the Ward 10 Flag Appeal in the future.”


11 May 2018

Paul Davies Responds to St Clement’s Surgery Closure

Responding to the news that Neyland's St Clement's Surgery will close in September, local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “I’m deeply disappointed that Hywel Dda University Health Board has approved the application to close St Clement’s surgery in Neyland. This will have a detrimental impact on patients at the surgery, who will now have to travel further for treatment and incur a financial cost due to travelling over the Cleddau Bridge.”

He added, “It’s clear that both the local health board and the Welsh Government have failed to attract doctors to the local area and now patients are paying the price. In light of this closure, I will continue to raise this matter with the Welsh Government at every opportunity.”


10 May 2018

Paul Davies Attends Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust event

L-R: Maria Dullaghan, local AM Paul Davies, Robert Music CEO Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, Angela Dullaghan.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to discuss cervical cancer prevention and help raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening in Wales. The cervical screening attendance amongst 25-64 year olds in the Hywel Dda health board area is 75.5%, the lowest of all the health boards in Wales.

He said, “Cervical screening can prevent up to 75% of cervical cancers from developing and so it’s important to raise awareness of the screening programme and encourage women to make sure they attend their routine smear tests. Sadly, the Hywel Dda health board area currently has the worst attendance figures in Wales and so I really do hope that women across Pembrokeshire will support this campaign and ensure they are seen. Nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer evert day and two women will lose their lives. Of course, the faster something is detected, the better the outlook can be. Therefore, please help spread the word about this important campaign and encourage as many women as possible to attend their next cervical screening.”


AM Discusses School Sport Survey with Sport Wales

L-R: Bronnie Griffiths (Young Ambassador for Sport Wales), Emma Tobutt (Sport Wales) and local AM Paul Davies.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with representatives from Sport Wales to discuss the organisation’s 2018 School Sport and FE Sport and Active Lifestyles Survey. The previous survey highlighted that 81% of pupils in Preseli Pembrokeshire are confident trying new activities and 78% of pupils participate in extracurricular sport.

He said, “I was delighted to meet with representatives of Sport Wales to discuss this year’s School Sport Survey. It’s so important that schools get involved and ensure that young people’s voices are heard loud and clear as these surveys can help identify areas where improvements are needed. Given the importance of sport to children and young people’s health and wellbeing, I’d strongly encourage schools to find out more about the survey and how they can get involved. The statistics for Pembrokeshire are very encouraging and I hope that the latest survey will deliver more improvements and build on past successes.”


09 May 2018

Local AM Supports ‘Be More Us’ Campaign

A local campaign across Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire aimed at specifically tackling loneliness and isolation has been backed by Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies. On 9th May, the Campaign to End Loneliness launched ‘Be More Us’ or ‘Gyda’n Gilydd’ a movement to inspire people of all ages to celebrate taking the chance to connect.

Mr Davies said, “Loneliness and isolation can have such a devastating impact on people’s lives, particularly those living in more remote, rural areas where opportunities for social interaction are more limited. It’s a serious health concern that needs to be addressed and so we must all consider ways in which we can support our ageing population and encourage them to be more involved in the local community.”


AM Raises A and E Services with Welsh Government

The importance of Accident and Emergency services to the people of Pembrokeshire has been highlighted by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies said that the increased pressure on A and E services, in light of problems with out-of-hours doctors services, showed the importance of retaining a local A and E department at Withybush hospital.

He said, “As a result of a lack of out-of-hours GP services, there’s clearly been more pressure on Withybush hospital’s A and E department and that’s why it’s even more important that the service is protected for the future. Hywel Dda Health Board’s consultation on transforming clinical services has no recognition at all about the importance of A and E services to the local community and what impact any downgrading will have on local people.”


08 May 2018

#ChangeWales: Paul Davies’ column for Farmers Guardian

Last week was hugely significant for the Welsh Parliament and for negotiations to leave the EU.

The agreement between the Welsh and UK Governments over the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill changed the dynamic between the two sides and brought to an end a stand-off over returning powers from Brussels.

It means that Ministers at both ends of the M4 can now set to work on a new future for British and Welsh agriculture, and we need to work together across the political divide to take full advantage of this opportunity.


02 May 2018

Paul Davies Attends NFU’s Celebration of Welsh Food event

Paul is pictured at the NFU's recent Celebration of Welsh Food event.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by NFU Cymru to celebrate Welsh food and drink. The event also saw the launch of the Union’s We Are Welsh Farming campaign, which aims to promote ways in which farming benefits people and communities in Wales.

He said, “Farming is very much the backbone of the Welsh economy and helps to create dynamic and vibrant communities across Wales. Many Welsh farmers have diversified in recent years to become more environmentally friendly or to offer other services and facilities on their land and I’m thankful to them for their ongoing commitment to the countryside and for playing such a vital role in our local economy. Therefore, it’s crucial that we celebrate our fantastic produce and commit to supporting local produce wherever we can. We’re particularly lucky to have so much on offer to us here in Pembrokeshire and I’d encourage everyone locally to do all they can to support their local farmers.”


01 May 2018

Paul Davies Supports 150th Anniversary of the Baptist Movement in Wales

L-R: Paul is pictured with Eilir and Wendy Lewis and Bonni Davies at the 150th Anniversary event in the Senedd.Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies recently dropped into an event to celebrate 150 years of the Baptist Union in Wales. The Union works to promote the Christian faith in around 400 churches across Wales, including churches in Pembrokeshire.

Mr Davies said: “I was delighted to meet constituents at the Assembly and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Baptist Movement in Wales. I’m aware of some of the fantastic work that the Baptist movement has done in local communities across the country. It was a pleasure to celebrate the Union’s 150th anniversary and I look forward to seeing the movement go from strength to strength in the future.


26 April 2018

AM Slams Proposals to Return to Dyfed

Proposals to once again merge Pembrokeshire with Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion have been criticised by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Speaking during a Welsh Conservatives debate Mr Davies said that the Welsh Government’s plans did not carry the will of the people of west Wales and called on the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services to engage in a meaningful discussion about the competence of local authorities before deciding on their structures.

He said, “The Welsh Government seem to be absolutely determined to recreate the old Dyfed model in west Wales, despite no appetite whatsoever from the people that live in the area. Rather than having a mature discussion with local authorities over what services we want to see delivered locally, the Welsh Government are pushing yet another consultation on these outdated and unwanted proposals. It’s time the Welsh Government drop these proposals and look at ways of modernising our public services in Wales, not recreating unpopular models from the past.”


Love Zimbabwe Book Appeal Supported by Local AM

Paul is pictured with Martha Musonza-Holman of Love Zimbabwe.A book appeal to help stock a library in Zimbabwe has been supported local Assembly Member Paul Davies. The charity, Love Zimbabwe is currently building a library and education centre for the community of Chinamhora Village and it’s hoped that the project will provide a platform for community links and social networks between the UK and Zimbabwe.

He said, “I’m delighted to support Love Zimbabwe and help raise awareness of their project to build a new library. Education can unlock so many wonderful opportunities and it’s great to play a small role in helping facilitate this project. It’s inspiring to see the people of Wales extending the hand of friendship to the people of Zimbabwe and I hope that this relationship continues to flourish for the future. I look forward to continuing to work with Love Zimbabwe to help support the people of Zimbabwe for the future.”


25 April 2018

Local AM Meets with Friends of the Earth

L-R: Bettina Becker, Paul Davies AM, Eleanor Clegg and Cherry Bailey.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with local branch members of the Friends of the Earth group, to discuss a number of important environmental issues including fracking.

He said, “It’s always a great pleasure to meet with the Friends of the Earth group and hear their perspective on some of the more pressing environmental issues of the day. Of course, the hotly debated issue of fracking was raised and the group made it very clear that they’re against any plans for fracking in the future. As I understand it, there are no proposals for fracking in Wales and I’ve made it clear that I currently support the moratorium on fracking until its impact on our environment and homes is properly assessed. I’m very thankful to the group for meeting me and providing me with plenty of information to scrutinise the Welsh Government with.”


24 April 2018

Health Board Proposals Raised with Welsh Government

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has called on the Welsh Government to bring forward an urgent statement on its delivery of health services in west Wales, following plans announced by Hywel Dda University Health Board to downgrade Withybush hospital from a general hospital to a community hospital.

He said, “In light of the serious impact that the local health board’s plans will have on people living in Pembrokeshire, it’s vital that the Welsh Government bring forward a statement on the delivery of health services in the area. People across Pembrokeshire are rightly furious at these proposals – in just over 24 hours a local petition led by Myles Bamford-Lewis has raised over 8,500 signatures, showing that the people of Pembrokeshire will not give up without a fight. I’m extremely angry that the Welsh Government is refusing to bring forward an urgent statement on this matter and would rather wait to see the consultation process take place. Withybush hospital will be downgraded, regardless of which option the health board selects because there are no other alternatives for the people I represent. It’s an absolute scandal that the Welsh Government refuses to intervene on this matter and it’s not right that the people of Pembrokeshire are treated in this way.”


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