24 January 2018

Paul Davies Hosts Farmhouse Breakfast at the Senedd

Paul is pictured with FUW Deputy President Brian Thomas, FUW President Glyn Roberts and the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths AM.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has once again recently hosted the annual FUW farmhouse breakfast at the Senedd, in support of the FUW’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week campaign (January 22 – January 27), which aims to raise the profile of Welsh produce and get politicians, key stakeholders and the general public to appreciate the important role the food and drink sector plays in their everyday lives.

Mr Davies said: “I was delighted to once again sponsor the annual FUW’s farmhouse breakfast reception, to promote Welsh produce and to discuss some of the challenges facing the agricultural industry, particularly following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. The Farmhouse Breakfast Week campaign is a firm date in the Assembly’s calendar and I’m delighted to once again reiterate my support and promote the benefits of a healthy breakfast.”


22 January 2018

Paul Davies Responds to Latest Health Board Proposals

Responding to local media reports that Hywel Dda health board’s new service change proposals could result in Withybush hospital being shut down in the future, local Assembly Member Paul Davies said:

“It’s extremely worrying that the future of Withybush hospital is once again under threat. The leaked documents show that in a number of scenarios services would be removed from Withybush hospital and in some scenarios the hospital would be closed altogether. This is simply unacceptable and I’ve already made it clear to the local health board that some of these options should not even be considered. It’s a disgrace that some of these options are even on the table.


Farming Representatives Meet with Assembly Members

Paul Davies, Nick Ramsay and Mohammad Asghar are pictured with farmers and agricultural industry stakeholders.Assembly politicians Paul Davies, Nick Ramsay and Mohammad Asghar recently met with Monmouthshire farmers and representatives of the agricultural industry to discuss Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and the impact and challenges that it has on the Welsh farming industry.

Topics such as the Welsh Government’s Bovine TB eradication programme were discussed to emphasise the need for a strong domestic market in the coming months and years. Attendees also discussed Welsh exports, the need for a strong agricultural framework across the UK and agricultural subsidies.


19 January 2018

Paul Davies Visits PATCH

Paul is pictured on his visit to Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship (PATCH).Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited Pembrokeshire Action to Combat Hardship (PATCH) to once again meet with volunteers and hear more about the charity’s recent work. PATCH is a local organisation that gives free food parcels, clothing and household items to families facing hardship across Pembrokeshire.

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “PATCH is such a committed and hardworking local charity that makes a huge impact on families in Pembrokeshire, all through the kindness of its volunteers and the generosity of local people. I was delighted to catch up with the team and speak to volunteers about their most recent work. PATCH is always on the lookout for more volunteers and so if you’re interested in getting involved with a great local charity, or if you’d like to make a donation, then you can find all the relevant information on their website at - http://patchcharity.org.uk/


West Wales AMs call on Natwest to reconfirm their commitment to Pembrokeshire

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM Paul Davies and Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire AM Angela Burns called on management from NatWest bank to reconfirm their commitment to West Wales following announcements of four branch closures due to affect the County over the coming months.

Paul and Angela met with representatives of the bank to discuss the planned branch closures in Cardigan, Narberth, Pembroke and Milford Haven. Details were provided about the rationale behind the decision and the alternative plans that are being put in place to ensure that customers of the four branches are not unduly affected.

The bank provided assurances that job losses would be kept to a minimum and that community banking positions would be created in addition to the provision of a mobile van visiting those towns affected offering a continuation of banking services.


18 January 2018

Local AM Responds to Neyland Surgery Closure

Argyle Medical Group has recently submitted an application to Hywel Dda Local Health Board to close its branch surgery in Neyland. It is understood that the reason behind the application is due to difficulties in recruiting and retaining GPs in the local area.

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “This news will come as a shock to the people of Neyland, many of whom have been patients at the St Clements practice for some time. It’s deeply disappointing that as a result of a lack of GPs, Argyle has decided to close the surgery. As a result of this announcement, patients from Neyland will now have to travel to Pembroke Dock for essential services and treatment and this will cause huge problems for patients without transport or with limited mobility.”


17 January 2018

Neil McEvoy Expulsion – Welsh Conservative Statement on Committee Chairs

Following official confirmation of Neil McEvoy’s permanent expulsion from the Plaid Cymru Assembly group, Welsh Conservatives have reiterated their calls for the allocation of committee chairs to be redistributed.

In a statement, Welsh Conservative Business Manager and Chief Whip, Paul Davies, said:

“Confirmation of Neil McEvoy’s permanent expulsion from the Plaid group should settle this matter once and for all.

“For a smaller party to hold more Committee Chairs sets a dangerous precedent for the future of this institution, and it is our hope that Plaid Cymru will now reflect on this matter.


Paul Davies Responds to Latest Carillon Announcement

Responding to the news construction giant Carillion has gone into liquidation, local Assembly Member Paul Davies said:

“It’s deeply disappointing that Carillion has not been able to find suitable financing options to secure its future and as a result, thousands of jobs have been lost across the country. Our first thoughts go out to those personally affected by this announcement and I sincerely hope that Governments at all levels will work with those families to secure employment or training elsewhere.”

“Locally, we know that Carillion was due to design and build the £57m A40 bypass, which is intended to run around the northern side of Llanddewi Velfrey. Therefore, it’s absolutely crucial that the implementation of this project continues without delay and I will of course, be monitoring the delivery scheme as it develops.”


16 January 2018

Local AM Encourages Communities to Support Holocaust Memorial Day

Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies is urging the people of Pembrokeshire to support Holocaust Memorial Day 2018. Last year, over 7,700 activities took place across the UK to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, organised by local authorities, schools, libraries, workplaces and numerous other organisations and individuals – and this includes more than 320 activities in Wales. The theme for this year is the power of words and how language has been used during the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, and how it’s used in the present day.

Mr Davies said, “It’s so important that as a society we come together to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides and teach our future generations about the impact that these events have had on our world today. This year’s theme, the power of words is as relevant today as it has been in previous conflicts. The words we use have power and can shape our views and it’s crucial that we’re careful with our use of language. Therefore, I’d strongly encourage schools, workplaces and other community groups to take part in Holocaust Memorial Day, to learn lessons from the past and change the way we interact with each other.”


12 January 2018

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones Are Still an Option for Welsh Government

Proposals to designate Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) in Wales are still an option for the Welsh Government, according to a letter received from local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Last month the Welsh Government confirmed that it would be developing proposals on a Wales-wide basis and in response to questions posed by Mr Davies, the Welsh Government has confirmed that NVZ designations could still be an option.

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “It’s very disappointing that the Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs is still considering NVZ designations, following a year-long consultation on this matter. Farmers are already facing excessive levels of red tape and so the introduction of NVZs across Wales would be wholly unreasonable and unnecessary. We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and cut nitrates but the Welsh Government should consider voluntary approaches before introducing more regulations against the will of Welsh farmers. There are examples of some very successful voluntary schemes that have been well-received by farmers and I believe that working in partnership with the agricultural industry would be the best way forward. Therefore, I will be raising this matter with the Cabinet Secretary at the earliest opportunity – and I encourage farmers across Wales to do the same and make sure their voices are heard.”


11 January 2018

A Culture of 'entitlement, gagging, bullying and unfairness' in the Welsh NHS claimed by Former Patient Watchdog Chief

The former chief executive of the Board of Community Health Councils in Wales has come forward and described his experiences of a culture of 'entitlement, gagging, bullying and unfairness' in the Welsh NHS. Mr Tony Rucinski has claimed that a closeness between Welsh Government and the NHS meant that difficult conversations about what needs to happen in the health system are not taken forward.

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “It’s extremely disappointing to hear reports of gagging and bullying in the Welsh NHS, especially from the previous head of the Board of Community Health Councils. Community Health Councils are supposed to be independent of Government and it’s important that that voice is maintained, so that we can have an honest and open discussion about the delivery of local health services. The Welsh Government must therefore encourage Community Health Councils to be robust in their scrutiny of health services and speak out when they need to, on behalf of Welsh patients.”


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