19 February 2018

Work Experience Placement Offered by Local AM

Paul is pictured with Aled Thomas, an autism activist, who was given the opportunity to work alongside Paul at his Assembly office.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies was delighted to recently offer a work placement to Aled Thomas, an autism activist. Mr Thomas, who lives with autism himself, was given the opportunity to work alongside Paul at his Assembly office in Cardiff Bay. During his placement, Aled had the opportunity to see first-hand the work that Paul does at the National Assembly for Wales and contributed to preparing Paul’s plenary work.

Mr Davies said, “I’m delighted that Aled has enjoyed his time shadowing me in my role as an Assembly Member. I hope that the placement was able to give him a taste of the work that I do and I’m very thankful for all his hard work over the past few weeks. It’s always great to see people actively engaging with local and national politics and I look forward to welcoming more work experience placements in the future.”


#RehabMatters Campaign Endorsed by Local AM

L-R: Jeroen Bruins, Reneé Groenevelt, local AM Paul Davies, Kate Roch.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with community physiotherapists to discuss the #RehabMatters campaign which aims to improve access to rehabilitation services across the UK. Mr Davies discussed the campaign and the provision of services in Pembrokeshire and then watched the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s campaign video.

Mr Davies said, “It was a real pleasure to meet with Jeroen, Reneé and Kate to discuss their work and discuss ways in which we can promote community rehabilitation services. It’s so crucial that patients leaving hospital have access to the right services as quickly as possible and so we need to make sure that community physiotherapists have the resources and support that they need. The RehabMatters film is a powerful one and as a result, I will be doing all that I can to raise awareness of this important campaign, to ensure that patients have access to the services and support that they need following hospital stays.”


15 February 2018

Action Needed To Tackle Online Sale of Pets

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has raised the issue of the online sale of pets, following concerns that the number of sales has risen significantly in recent years. Mr Davies called on the Welsh Government to prioritise the matter and address the scale of unlicensed activity taking place online.

Mr Davies said: “The online trade of pets has been a longstanding issue as the invisibility of the trading system means that sellers do not always ensure the highest possible standards. There is simply no accountability and no way of ascertaining whether these animals are healthy, have had the appropriate veterinary checks and are even old enough to be taken away from their mothers. The Welsh Government must look at this activity and develop a strategy to address online trading and selling of pets, so that all parties can be confident that the welfare of animals is protected.”

You can access Paul’s speech (from paragraph 32) here - http://record.assembly.wales/Plenary/4907


Mental Health in Rural Communities Raised by Local AM

Mental health in the agricultural industry was the focus of a speech given by local Assembly Member Paul Davies in the Assembly Chamber recently. Mr Davies spoke during a Welsh Conservatives debate on mental health at the Senedd and highlighted some of the successful initiatives across the world that could be adopted in Wales.

Mr Davies said: “It’s really important to address mental health in the agricultural industry as farming can be a particularly stressful occupation with many stress factors that are taken out of farmers’ hands – such as price volatility in the markets, or the emotional impact of bovine tb on their livestock for example. Therefore, we must ensure that service provision and support are available to our farmers on their doorstep.”


14 February 2018

AMs host Pembrokeshire mental health charity at the Senedd

Paul is pictured with Simon Thomas AM and Emma Picton-Jones of the DPJ Foundation.At the National Assembly’s Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay, Simon Thomas AM and Paul Davies AM hosted a presentation by Emma Picton-Jones of the DPJ Foundation.

The seminar explored the unique challenges that are experienced surrounding mental health by people living in rural areas.

In July 2016, Emma’s husband Daniel took his own life after suffering from mental health issues. Emma then decided to set up the DPJ Foundation, which aims to break the stigma of mental health and support young men in rural communities.

Founder of the charity Emma Picton-Jones said: “I think the event went really well. We had fantastic feedback. Everybody was really positive. A lot of people involved in the agricultural community have offered their support going forward. They recognise mental health is an issue that we have to do something about and that is vital as we move forward.”


31 January 2018

Paul Davies Supports Love Zimbabwe Student Programme

Paul is pictured at the Love Zimbabwe stand in the Pierhead building.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies AM recently attended an event to support the Love Zimbabwe Student Programme, which allows students to experience living in a Zimbabwean village and participate in community projects. Love Zimbabwe is facilitating sustainable development in rural communities in Zimbabwe and working to foster better links between Wales and Zimbabwe for the future.

Mr Davies AM said, “It was a real pleasure to meet with representatives of Love Zimbabwe and get a real taste of Zimbabewan culture. It’s great to see Love Zimbabwe establishing relationships with HE providers like Lampeter University and I’ll be seeking out opportunities to see if there’s more that we can do to get Pembrokeshire involved in this scheme. As a rural community, Pembrokeshire has a lot to offer to communities in Zimbabwe and it would be great for our children and young people to be involved in international projects like Love Zimbabwe which promotes sustainability, culture and respect.”


30 January 2018

Local AM Visits High Street Optometrist

Paul is pictured with local optometrist Andy Britton.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies AM recently visited Specsavers in Haverfordwest to meet local optometrist Andy Britton and learn more about the valuable role of community optometrists across Wales. The visit, coordinated by Optometry Wales gave Mr Davies a better understanding of the Wales Eye Care Service and the importance of having regular eye checks.

Mr Davies said: “Visiting a local community optometrist reminded me of the importance of having regular eye checks. Eye checks are just as important as any other health checks as these tests can show early signs of a number of conditions, which is why it’s so important that as many people as possible visit their local optometrist. The Wales Eye Care Service has certainly shifted care closer to home for many patients across Wales by offering a quality clinical service on the door step. It’s so crucial that people recognise the merits of regular eye checks and ensure that they visit their local optometrist on a regular basis.”


Paul Davies Enjoys a Packed Pembrokeshire Breakfast

L-R: Mr David Nicholas, FUW Pembrokeshire County Chairman; Mrs Gwyneth Hayward, Chair of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority; Paul Davies AM; Mr Hywel Vaughan, FUW Pembrokeshire President.Local farmers in Pembrokeshire were recently joined by Assembly Member Paul Davies for a Pembrokeshire full breakfast at Crundale Village Hall. Mr Davies attended the event as part of the FUW’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week campaign, which saw several events arranged across Wales to promote the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

Mr Davies said: “It was a real pleasure to attend the FUW’s Pembrokeshire branch breakfast and help raise vital funds for the two very important charities – Alzheimer's Society Cymru and the Farming Community Network (FCN). The event was also a great opportunity to meet with Pembrokeshire farmers to hear more about some of the local challenges facing the industry and I’ll certainly be taking those views back to the Assembly with me. It’s an unpredictable time for the farming industry and so it’s crucial that Governments are working together to provide the industry with the stability and support it needs.”


29 January 2018

Pembrokeshire AMs Fight For Cancer

Pembrokeshire AMs Paul Davies and Angela Burns are pictured wearing their unity bands.Pembrokeshire Assembly Members Paul Davies and Angela Burns have joined together to raise awareness of World Cancer Day next Sunday (4th February).

World Cancer Day is marked worldwide with the aim of bringing campaigners together to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage cancer prevention, early detection and improve treatment. This year’s theme is “We Can. I Can” which is designed to inspire individual and collective action to beat cancer sooner.

Cancer Research UK’s vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured and progress is being made towards this every day. Currently across the UK around half the people who get cancer will survive for 10 years or longer, by 2034 there is an ambition to see this figure rise to 75%.


25 January 2018

Autism assessment delays underline need for an Autism Bill

Children in parts of Wales are facing average waits of almost two years for an autism assessment, new figures have shown.

Preseli Pembrokeshire AM, Paul Davies, is currently bringing an Autism Bill through the Welsh Assembly, having been drawn successfully from a ballot for back-bench legislation.

Paul Davies AM said:

“It is unacceptable that people are waiting two years for an assessment and despite Welsh Government strategies clearly we are not seeing the improvements we need in Wales.


Paul Davies Gets to Grips with Low Energy Cooking

Paul is pictured cooking pancakes using only 2 pence of electricity with Smart Energy GB.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies AM recently took part in a cookery demonstration held by Smart Energy GB to highlight the benefits of smart meters to people across Wales. Mr Davies joined fellow AMs in a bid to cook a plate of pancakes using the least amount of electricity. His culinary efforts cost 2p in energy, compared to the average plate of pancake cooking which cost 2.19p. A smart meter was used to measure the AM’s energy usage, displaying the results in pounds and pence on a digital display.

With more than 8.6 million smart meters already installed across Great Britain, Paul is looking forward to seeing smart meters help people to monitor their energy usage across Preseli Pembrokeshire. Those who have upgraded to a smart meter are already feeling the benefits. Three quarters of people who have a smart meter say they would recommend one to family and friends, with a similar proportion (80 per cent) taking steps to cut down on their energy usage.


24 January 2018

Holocaust Book of Commitment Signed by Local AM

Paul is pictured signing the Holocaust Book of Commitment.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and to commit to educating future generations about the impact of those events on global society. The signing of the Book of Commitment takes place as part of Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27th).

Mr Davies said: “We must never forget the truly dreadful events of the Holocaust and the impact that those events have had on our world and so I was deeply honoured to once again sign the Holocaust Book of Commitment and reaffirm my commitment to ensuring that our future generations continue to remember these events.”


Local AM Attends Stop Climate Chaos Cymru Event

Paul is pictured with representatives of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended a photo exhibition event at the Senedd to learn more about the impacts of climate change and Wales’ global responsibilities. Stop Climate Chaos Cymru is campaigning to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on communities across Wales.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to attend the photo exhibition to learn more about the challenges facing Wales in the fight against climate change. It’s time for the Welsh Government to redouble its efforts and encourage more and more people to take the threat of climate change more seriously in Wales. Therefore, I’m pleased to reiterate my support for the Stop Climate Chaos Cymru campaign and I look forward to working with stakeholders, community groups and Assembly colleagues to help make Wales a much more environmentally friendly nation for the future.”


Paul Davies Supports Big Garden Birdwatch Campaign

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting the RSPB’s 39th Big Garden Birdwatch this coming weekend (January 27th -29th 2018). The Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's largest wildlife survey. For nearly 40 years, the RSPB has been asking the public to spend one hour at any point over this particular weekend counting the birds in their garden, and then feeding back that information to the RSPB. With over half a million people now regularly taking part, Big Garden Birdwatch allows the RSPB to monitor trends in garden birds and helps them understand how different species are doing across the UK.

Mr Davies said, “I’m delighted to help promote the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch campaign by encouraging everyone in Pembrokeshire to spend an hour in their gardens this weekend, noticing the birdlife around them. The information that is provided is so valuable in helping the RSPB monitor trends of birds and so please consider supporting this wonderful campaign. It’s a great excuse to get some fresh air and get involved in the world’s largest wildlife survey.”


Local AM Supports Petition to Ban the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses

Paul is pictured with campaigners and Assembly colleagues receiving the petition to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently attended the handover of a petition to ban the use of wild animals in circuses to the Assembly’s Petitions Committee. The petition has over 1,000 signatures with an associated petition on another website gathering a further 3000 signatures.

Mr Davies said, “The petition to ban the use of wild animals in circuses certainly has my support and I will keep working to see the Welsh Government deliver an outright ban. Scotland has already banned the use of wild animals in circuses and England is developing its legislation at the moment – therefore, Wales cannot be left behind. In a poll carried out by RSPCA Cymru 74% of the Welsh public wanted the use of wild animals in circuses banned and so the strength of feeling on this issue cannot be ignored. I of course, will be working with Assembly colleagues and raising this with the Welsh Government in order to see this outdated practice banned as soon as possible.”


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