15 August 2018

Calls for Action on Fishguard Traffic Issues

Renewed attempts to call on the Welsh Government and the South Wales Trunk Road Agency to tackle traffic issues in Lower Town, Fishguard have once again been supported by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies has been calling on the Welsh Government and relevant stakeholders to deliver a footbridge to better support pedestrians on the A487 as heavy traffic continues to have an impact on the narrow pavements. To date, no progress has been made in tackling the traffic problems in Lower Town meaning that it would be almost impossible for emergency vehicles to pass through the village.

Mr Davies added “The campaign to see vital improvements to this stretch of road is an important one and one in which myself and others continue to support. Despite positive commitments from the Welsh Government in the past, the truth of the matter is that no progress has been made and the residents of Lower Town continue to suffer. I know only too well from my own experience of the dangers of the road and I’m bitterly disappointed that the Welsh Government and the South Wales Trunk Road Agency continue to drag their heels in delivering a solution. It’s high time that the Welsh Government reconsiders its position and gets on with the job of relieving the traffic in Lower Town and making the area safer for local people.”


24 July 2018

Urgent Action Needed to Improve 4G and 5G Coverage Across Rural Wales

Welsh Conservatives are urging the Welsh Government to change planning laws in order to enable the building of higher telecommunications masts in Wales at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show in Builth Wells this week.

The annual agricultural Show, the largest of its kind in Europe, is a fantastic showcase of the very best that rural Wales has to offer and yet it also serves as an opportunity to highlight some of the key issues faced by rural communities. Poor mobile coverage is one of those key challenges in Wales and it must be addressed in order to help ensure that rural Wales can thrive and prosper going forward.


20 July 2018

Pembrokeshire Assembly Members learn about Finn’s Law

Assembly Members Angela Burns and Paul Davies are pictured with pupils from Redhill Prep School.Pembrokeshire Assembly Members Angela Burns and Paul Davies recently welcomed pupils from Redhill Prep School, Haverfordwest to the National Assembly for Wales. The pupils visited Cardiff Bay as part of their on-going campaign to get backing for Finn’s Law, which provides greater protection for service animals.

In October 2017 police dog, Finn was stabbed multiple times along with his handler PC Waddell whilst attempting to apprehend a criminal. Miraculously, Finn made a full recovery within 11 weeks, but this is not the case across the nation. The current law means that the suspect was only charged with criminal damage to property, suggesting Finn was no more important than a scratched car or a broken window.


18 July 2018

Autism Bill Introduced on the Floor of the Senedd

Interim Welsh Conservative Leader Paul Davies AM has formally laid his Autism (Wales) Bill before the National Assembly.

Following the summer recess, the bill will be scrutinised by Health and Social Care Committee.


Withybush Petition Raised in Assembly Committee

A petition opposing plans to downgrade services at Withybush hospital has been discussed by the Assembly’s Petitions Committee. A request for an Assembly debate on the petition, which gathered over 40,000 signatures, will now be sent to the Business Committee in order to schedule the debate for some time during the next Assembly term.

Commenting on the petition’s progress, local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “I welcome the fact that the petition is one step closer to being debated in the Assembly Chamber. I myself have brought forward several debates on the future of health services at Withybush hospital and I wholeheartedly support this petition. Once the debate has been scheduled, I will of course, take part and make it absolutely clear once again that I do not support Hywel Dda Health Board’s plan to centralise and downgrade services in Pembrokeshire.”


17 July 2018

First Minister Should Be Ashamed over Welsh Government Failures at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

In First Minister’s Questions today Interim Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies AM highlighted the serial failings at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and the horrendous impact that those shortcomings have had on patients across North Wales.

A report last week from Donna Ockenden made it clear that management failures at the Board had directly contributed to the disgraceful events at Tawel Fan and to numerous other instances of sub-standard patient care.

Mr Davies said:

“The First Minister should be ashamed of his Government’s management of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.


Legislative Programme’s lack of ambition marks the beginning of the end of the Welsh Labour Government

Carwyn Jones’ final statement on the Welsh Government’s law-making priorities for the year ahead have been branded “unambitious, last-minute scribblings of a tired administration” by the Welsh Conservatives.

One of the proposals to be brought forward is a ban on wild animals from performing in travelling circuses, something Welsh Conservatives have been calling for in recent years.

Legislation to merge councils is likely to face much contention following fierce opposition from the Welsh Local Government Association over the past few months after being told they will have to merge voluntarily, or have t imposed upon them.


12 July 2018

First Minister Challenged Over Lack of Support for Children with Learning Disabilities

Interim Leader of the Welsh Conservative group Paul Davies AM has today challenged the First Minister over his Government’s record on supporting children and young people with learning disabilities

This follows the damning report published by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, which showed significant failings in the delivery of support for children and young people with learning disabilities.

However, the Welsh Labour Government has consistently failed to take decisive action to deliver a step change in the level of support offered to those children and young people who have learning disabilities


04 July 2018

AM Attends Withybush Hospital Petition Handover

Paul is pictured with Assembly colleagues receiving the petition from Myles Bamford-Lewis.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with campaigners from across Pembrokeshire who travelled to the Senedd to submit a petition opposing plans to downgrade services at Withybush hospital. The petition, signed by over 40,000 people, was presented to the Assembly’s Petitions Committee by local health campaigner Myles Bamford-Lewis.

He said, “I was delighted to welcome campaigners to the Senedd and receive their petition alongside my Assembly colleagues. It was great to see so many people come together and make it absolutely clear that any plans that will result in the downgrading of services at Withybush hospital are simply unacceptable. The sheer enthusiasm for the campaign was felt by all who attended and showed that we will not give up without a fight. The petition has clearly gathered a huge amount of signatures, which will hopefully secure a debate in the Chamber and I look forward to taking part and standing up for my constituents. I will continue to oppose these disastrous proposals and work with campaigners in Pembrokeshire and colleagues at the Assembly until we see these proposals dropped and services protected at Withybush hospital.”


03 July 2018

First Minister challenged over Welsh Labour’s NHS funding record

In First Minister’s Questions today Interim Welsh Conservative leader Paul Davies AM challenged Carwyn Jones on his Government’s record on funding the NHS in Wales.

Mr Davies highlighted the fact that the First Minster remains the only UK leader to have cut an NHS budget – and that his own Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social services has recently admitted that the Welsh Government’s decision to deliver a cash flat budget settlement “didn’t work”.

Mr Davies then pushed the First Minster on whether he would commit to ensuring that increases in NHS funding delivered by the UK Government would be matched in Wales.


27 June 2018

Local AM Visits Composites Cymru

Paul is pictured with Wyn Lewis of Composites Cymru.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with Composites Cymru, a local business in Crymych to discuss support for small businesses in Pembrokeshire. Composites Cymru manufactures carbon fibre and composite parts and has been operating from Crymych for the past year.

He said, “It was a real pleasure to visit Wyn Lewis at Composites Cymru and hear more about their innovate operations. It was fascinating to hear about how composite parts are actually made for vehicles and to see this sort of business activity taking place on our doorstep. Of course, technology is forever advancing and it’s important that local businesses like Composites Cymru can continue to be competitive. There is so much potential for businesses in this sort of field and so it’s crucial that they have the support they need to expand their operations. I understand that Composites Cymru ae looking hoping to expand their business and manufacture a whole range of different parts. Therefore, l wish them the very best for the future and I will of course, look at ways in which the Assembly can help support businesses like this so that they can continue to go from strength to strength.


Paul Davies to Take Over As Interim Leader

Following the resignation of Andrew RT Davies and a subsequent meeting of the Welsh Conservative Assembly group this afternoon, Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has been elected as the Interim Leader of the group. Mr Davies has served as Deputy Leader of the Welsh Conservative Assembly group since 2011. Mr Davies will assume the interim post with immediate effect.

He said, “The Assembly group has today appointed me as Interim Leader of the group, following the resignation of Andrew RT Davies this morning.


25 June 2018

Local AM Hosts Public Meeting on Broadband Services

Paul is pictured hosting the public meeting with Leader of the House Julie James.A public meeting to discuss broadband services across Pembrokeshire was recently hosted by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies invited the Welsh Government’s Leader of the House Julie James, who is the Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary responsible for the roll out of broadband to address members of the public at a packed meeting in Maenclochog Community Hall.

He said, “The availability of decent broadband services has long been a problem for communities across Pembrokeshire and I’m pleased that the Leader of the House attended the public meeting to listen to the concerns of my constituents. It’s quite clear that this a priority for many people across Pembrokeshire and that was reflected in the strong attendance at the meeting. Concerns ranging from having poor access and speed, to simply not having access at all and so I hope the Leader of the House will take on-board these concerns and work to ensure that Pembrokeshire isn’t left behind in the future. It was quite clear from the meeting that people were frustrated and sometimes angry regarding being unable to access sufficient broadband services. Of course, I will continue to keep raising this issue with the Welsh Government at the Assembly and call for much needed improvements until communities across Pembrokeshire have access to the first-class broadband services that they need and deserve.”


20 June 2018

A40 Improvements Show Need to Dual the A40

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has welcomed support from the Welsh Government to deliver improvements to stretches of road along the A40, but has reiterated his previous calls to see the entire stretch of road dualled. Following an exchange with Paul in the Assembly Chamber earlier this month, the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport wrote to Assembly Members to update them on the Welsh Government’s intention to deliver improvements between Llanddewi Velfrey and Penblewin.

He said, “Whilst any improvements to the A40 are welcome, it’s clear that the A40 needs to be dualled in order to make the road safer for vehicles and to maximise Pembrokeshire’s economic potential. Dualling the road is one of the few infrastructure issues that politicians of all colours agree on and so it’s high time that this important project moves forward. The Welsh Government must exhaust every avenue and opportunity to provide funding for this project – it must negotiate with the UK Government, the European Commission and even the Irish Government, who I believe would also benefit from this road being dualled. Therefore, whilst this small step is welcome, I’ll continue to do all that I can to keep campaigning for the road to be completely dualled.”


Welsh Conservatives press for progress on Autism Bill

Welsh Conservative, Paul Davies, continues to call on the Welsh Labour Government for progress on delivering an Autism Bill in Wales.

In a statement to the Senedd yesterday, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Vaughan Gething, said the Welsh Government does not currently support the principle of an Autism Bill for Wales.

However, in a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary this morning, Paul Davies outlined his intention to formally introduce legislation over the next few weeks to achieve improved outcomes for the autistic community in Wales.


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