20 June 2018

A40 Improvements Show Need to Dual the A40

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has welcomed support from the Welsh Government to deliver improvements to stretches of road along the A40, but has reiterated his previous calls to see the entire stretch of road dualled. Following an exchange with Paul in the Assembly Chamber earlier this month, the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport wrote to Assembly Members to update them on the Welsh Government’s intention to deliver improvements between Llanddewi Velfrey and Penblewin.

He said, “Whilst any improvements to the A40 are welcome, it’s clear that the A40 needs to be dualled in order to make the road safer for vehicles and to maximise Pembrokeshire’s economic potential. Dualling the road is one of the few infrastructure issues that politicians of all colours agree on and so it’s high time that this important project moves forward. The Welsh Government must exhaust every avenue and opportunity to provide funding for this project – it must negotiate with the UK Government, the European Commission and even the Irish Government, who I believe would also benefit from this road being dualled. Therefore, whilst this small step is welcome, I’ll continue to do all that I can to keep campaigning for the road to be completely dualled.”


Welsh Conservatives press for progress on Autism Bill

Welsh Conservative, Paul Davies, continues to call on the Welsh Labour Government for progress on delivering an Autism Bill in Wales.

In a statement to the Senedd yesterday, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Vaughan Gething, said the Welsh Government does not currently support the principle of an Autism Bill for Wales.

However, in a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary this morning, Paul Davies outlined his intention to formally introduce legislation over the next few weeks to achieve improved outcomes for the autistic community in Wales.


Paul Davies Encourages Young Politicians to Consider Standing for the Welsh Youth Parliament

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is calling on young political thinkers to consider standing for Preseli Pembrokeshire at the Welsh Youth Parliament. Similar to the National Assembly for Wales, the Welsh Youth Parliament will be made up of 60 Members, 40 of whom will be elected from the 40 constituencies of Wales. The remaining 20 Members will be elected by partner organisations.

He said, “The Welsh Youth parliament is a fantastic opportunity for young people to engage in Welsh politics and ensure that the voices of young people across Wales are heard. I sincerely hope that schools and youth groups will promote this initiative and help encourage as many people as possible to come forward and stand for election. Candidates must be at least 11 years old and no older than 17 by the last day of the election which is 25 November. The winning candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire will then travel to the Assembly, just as I do, to attend meetings and vote on key issues. Applications open on 3 September 2018 and close on 30 September 2018 and I hope to see as many young people as possible taking part. You can find more information at https://www.youthparliament.wales/”


18 June 2018

AM Attends Withybush Protest and Fun Day

Paul is pictured with local campaigner David Williams.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended a countywide protest to show his support for the campaign to protect services at Withybush hospital. Mr Davies joined campaigners from across Pembrokeshire to protest against Hywel Da University Health Board’s consultation plans which will see services downgraded at Withybush hospital.

He said, “I was delighted to join hundreds of people across Pembrokeshire and add my voice to the campaign to protect services at Withybush hospital. The sheer scale of attendees sent a clear statement to the local health board that their plans for Withybush hospital are unacceptable and that the people of Pembrokeshire will not go down without a fight.”


11 June 2018

Paul Davies Organises Meeting to Discuss Inadequate Broadband

Assembly Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire, Paul Davies, has organised a public meeting to discuss concerns regarding inadequate access to broadband. Paul invited the Welsh Government Cabinet Member responsible for digital infrastructure, Julie James AM who will be attending. Also in attendance at the meeting will be an official from BT Openreach.

Commenting on the issue, Paul Davies said “For many years I have been campaigning for better broadband services in Preseli Pembrokeshire. It’s deeply frustrating that whilst other parts of Wales are leaping ahead with superfast broadband, many parts of Pembrokeshire still do not have access to basic services. Given the continued importance of online services in our lives, it’s absolutely vital that Pembrokeshire is well connected.”


06 June 2018

AM Supports Glaucoma Awareness Week

Paul is pictured on the Vision Express driving simulator.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by Vision Express to experience for himself what it would be like to drive with glaucoma. Mr Davies attempted the driving simulator to better understand the challenges of driving with glaucoma as part of Vision Express’ campaign to raise awareness of National Glaucoma Awareness Week 2018.

He said, “I’m delighted to support the National Glaucoma Awareness Week campaign and encourage as many drivers as possible to have regular eye tests. The UK’s ageing population means that there are more older drivers on the road and so it’s crucial that we recognise the importance of taking eye health seriously. Regular eye tests not only ensure that drivers are safer on the road, but they can also identify several underlying health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, I’d encourage all drivers to have their eyes tested every two years, encourage family and friends to also do so and help make our roads as safe as possible.”


23 May 2018

Local AM Meets Occupational Therapists

Paul is pictured with David Davies of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.The launch of a report into occupational therapy and how it can promote mental health and wellbeing in Wales was recently attended by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. At the launch Mr Davies met with representatives of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists to learn more about how they can support wellbeing, reduce costs and help prevent the escalation of mental health issues across Wales.

He said, “It’s important that, as a society, we are meeting the mental health needs of people across Wales and so it was great to hear about the important role that occupational therapists play in supporting people with mental health needs. Early access to occupational therapy can ensure that patients have the best possible health and social care outcomes and so it’s crucial that access to those services are improved. Occupational therapists work with people of all ages, at all stages of recovery and this report shows the benefits of occupational therapy in addressing the employment needs of people with mental health issues, as well as ensuring that young people with mental health issues achieve their full educational potential.”


Paul Davies Pledges To Become a Dementia Friend

Paul is pictured at an event to promote Dementia Action Week 2018.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has pledged to become a Dementia Friend at an event hosted by the Alzheimer’s Society as part of Dementia Action Week 2018. Dementia Action Week runs from the 21st -27th May and aims to encourage people to take action to improve the lives of those affected by dementia, working to create a dementia-friendly UK where those with dementia do not feel excluded.

He said, “I’m pleased to once again show my support for Dementia Action Week and help raise awareness of the impact that dementia has in communities across Pembrokeshire. It’s crucial that we all try to gain a better understanding of the needs of people living with dementia so that we can take steps to make life easier for those people in the future. Therefore, I look forward to continuing to work with the Alzheimer’s Society and local groups and organisations to develop community-based solutions and make Pembrokeshire as dementia friendly as possible.”


22 May 2018

Badger-baiting a ‘particular problem’ in Wales, says RSPCA

An investigation by BBC Wales has uncovered an underground network of badger baiters in Wales.

There have been a number of recent reports of arrests related to the activity, and the Head of Special Operations at the RSPCA – Ian Briggs – has warned that there is a “particular problem” in Wales.

Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary, Paul Davies, has called for those convicted to face the maximum penalties available – soon to rise from 6 months to 5 years in prison.


16 May 2018

AM Visits Local Tourism Businesses for Wales Tourism Week

Paul is pictured at Lochmeyler Farm Cottages, in Llandeloy.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited two Pembrokeshire based tourism businesses as part of Wales Tourism Week 2018. The tour, arranged by Pembrokeshire Tourism saw Mr Davies visit Lochmeyler Farm Cottages, in Llandeloy, run by Margo and Matthew Evans and Bethsaida B&B in St Dogmael’s run by Jo Pitt and her husband Tony.

Mr Davies said, “There’s no better way to support and celebrate Wales Tourism Week than by visiting two fantastic local businesses in Pembrokeshire. I was delighted to visit Lochmeyler Farm Cottages, which was recently shortlisted in the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards for its accommodation. The Farm has also started producing its own ice cream, which I’m sure will also be shortlisted for awards in the future.”


AM Attends British Heart Foundation event

Paul is pictured at the recent British Heart Foundation event.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by the British Heart Foundation to learn more about the impact that heart and circulatory disease has in Preseli Pembrokeshire. Mr Davies also had his blood pressure taken at the event, and took a refresher CPR course before discussing the British Heart Foundation’s research and the work that they are currently doing across Wales.

He said, “It’s estimated that 8,600 people in Pembrokeshire are living with heart and circulatory disease and so it was really useful to attend the British Heart Foundation’s event to hear more about the impact that this is having on local communities. I was also delighted to refresh my CPR skills and have my own blood pressure taken. Of course, research tells us that factors such as smoking and poor diet can contribute massively to the risk of heart disease and so it’s incumbent on all of us to assess ways in which we can minimise those risks in our lives. Small steps such as reducing salt in your diet or even adding beetroot to your diet can make a difference and so I hope that people across Pembrokeshire will consider making small changes such as this so that we can see a decrease in the number of people living with diabetes and heart and circulatory disease in the local area.”


Paul Davies Welcomes Elly Neville to the Senedd

Paul is pictured with Ward 10 campaigner Elly Neville.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently welcomed eight-year-old Ward 10 campaigner Elly Neville to the National Assembly for Wales, along with Assembly colleagues. Elly Neville has raised over £150,000 in under three years for her Ward 10 Flag Appeal for Withybush hospital and the funds raised are ring-fenced to improve the experiences of patients accessing Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care services at Withybush hospital.

Mr Davies said, “It was a real treat to once again meet Elly and her parents and talk about her fantastic fundraising efforts. The Ward 10 Flag Appeal is a household name in Pembrokeshire and I’m delighted that it continues to go from strength to strength. I hope that Elly and her parents enjoyed their time at the Assembly and I look forward to continuing to work with them and everyone with the Ward 10 Flag Appeal in the future.”


11 May 2018

Paul Davies Responds to St Clement’s Surgery Closure

Responding to the news that Neyland's St Clement's Surgery will close in September, local Assembly Member Paul Davies said, “I’m deeply disappointed that Hywel Dda University Health Board has approved the application to close St Clement’s surgery in Neyland. This will have a detrimental impact on patients at the surgery, who will now have to travel further for treatment and incur a financial cost due to travelling over the Cleddau Bridge.”

He added, “It’s clear that both the local health board and the Welsh Government have failed to attract doctors to the local area and now patients are paying the price. In light of this closure, I will continue to raise this matter with the Welsh Government at every opportunity.”


10 May 2018

Paul Davies Attends Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust event

L-R: Maria Dullaghan, local AM Paul Davies, Robert Music CEO Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, Angela Dullaghan.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently attended an event hosted by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to discuss cervical cancer prevention and help raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening in Wales. The cervical screening attendance amongst 25-64 year olds in the Hywel Dda health board area is 75.5%, the lowest of all the health boards in Wales.

He said, “Cervical screening can prevent up to 75% of cervical cancers from developing and so it’s important to raise awareness of the screening programme and encourage women to make sure they attend their routine smear tests. Sadly, the Hywel Dda health board area currently has the worst attendance figures in Wales and so I really do hope that women across Pembrokeshire will support this campaign and ensure they are seen. Nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer evert day and two women will lose their lives. Of course, the faster something is detected, the better the outlook can be. Therefore, please help spread the word about this important campaign and encourage as many women as possible to attend their next cervical screening.”


AM Discusses School Sport Survey with Sport Wales

L-R: Bronnie Griffiths (Young Ambassador for Sport Wales), Emma Tobutt (Sport Wales) and local AM Paul Davies.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies recently met with representatives from Sport Wales to discuss the organisation’s 2018 School Sport and FE Sport and Active Lifestyles Survey. The previous survey highlighted that 81% of pupils in Preseli Pembrokeshire are confident trying new activities and 78% of pupils participate in extracurricular sport.

He said, “I was delighted to meet with representatives of Sport Wales to discuss this year’s School Sport Survey. It’s so important that schools get involved and ensure that young people’s voices are heard loud and clear as these surveys can help identify areas where improvements are needed. Given the importance of sport to children and young people’s health and wellbeing, I’d strongly encourage schools to find out more about the survey and how they can get involved. The statistics for Pembrokeshire are very encouraging and I hope that the latest survey will deliver more improvements and build on past successes.”


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