29 March 2017

Local AM Promotes Free First Aid Guides

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting Wales’ leading first aid charity, St John Cymru-Wales, who are giving away free pocket first aid guides to members of the public across Wales. The lifesaving freebie contains all of the first aid advice you will need to deal with five common medical emergencies including choking, bleeding, burns, heart attacks and what to do if a casualty is unresponsive.

Mr Davies said, “I’m delighted to support such a fantastic initiative, which seeks to better educate the public in an emergency. The booklet explains what you should do in the event of five common medical emergencies, and whilst nothing can replace hands-on first aid training, these little guides could be the difference between life and death in an emergency. I hope that everyone in Pembrokeshire will take the opportunity to order their free guide from the St John website, so that our communities are supported by individuals that feel more confident in emergency circumstances.”


28 March 2017

Rural development programme cannot make up for historical neglect

The Welsh Government’s Rural Development Programme – statement attached - is “welcome” but cannot undo 18 years of “neglect”, an AM has said.

Responding to the Cabinet Secretary’s statement, Welsh Conservatives’ Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary and Deputy Leader, Paul Davies AM, said:

“While this investment is welcome, it cannot undo the harm inflicted upon Wales’ rural communities by the Welsh Labour Government’s longstanding policy of neglect.

“A historical lack of funding or political focus on Wales’ countryside has led to farmers’ wages reaching record lows, a growing number of herds disappearing from the landscape, and schools closing down at a disproportionate rate to their urban equivalents.


27 March 2017

Paul Davies Visits Tŷ Solar Homes

L-R: Mr Glen Peters, AM Paul Davies, Mr Rhydian JamesPreseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited Tŷ Solar Homes in North Pembrokeshire to learn more about the project and its upcoming plans for the future. Tŷ Solar Homes employs local people to construct the properties as well as using local timber to maximise the opportunities for the local supply chain.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to visit Tŷ Solar Homes, which will be let to those who are currently waiting on the social housing register. The entire operation is not only eco-friendly and very energy efficient, but it also uses the very best local assets and helps keep money in Pembrokeshire’s local economy.”


22 March 2017

Local AM Calls for Clarity over Business Rates Support

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has questioned the First Minister over the eligibility of businesses that will receive Welsh Government support, following the recent rate revaluation. Mr Davies called on the Welsh Government to provide much-needed clarity over the terms and conditions of the Welsh Government’s support package, so that businesses across Wales can understand what they are entitled to.

Mr Davies said, “This was an important opportunity to question the First Minister directly on the Welsh Government’s support for businesses affected by the latest rate revaluations. Businesses in Pembrokeshire are still in limbo and it’s crucial that the Welsh Government spell out exactly who is entitled to this support. The fact that there are still questions over the eligibility criteria for the scheme, which is due to come in to force within weeks, is deeply unhelpful. Local businesses in Pembrokeshire and right across Wales, need answers and I’ll continue to raise this matter with Welsh Government Ministers until that clarity is provided once and for all.”


Paul Davies Supports WWF Cymru’s Earth Hour

Paul is supporting this year’s 10th anniversary WWF-Cymru Earth Hour celebrations.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has thrown his weight behind this year’s 10th anniversary WWF-Cymru Earth Hour celebrations, which includes a special ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign, demonstrating the strength of feeling across Wales for climate change action.

Earth Hour takes place at 8:30pm on Saturday 25 March, and will see hundreds of millions of people coming together, across the globe, in a symbolic and spectacular lights out display in support of climate change action. To mark the occasion, the Welsh arm of the global conservation charity has been busy collecting messages from across Wales, for its special ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign.


20 March 2017

Paul Davies Calls for support for St David’s to become the next UK City of Culture

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has held a debate in the Assembly Chamber calling for the Welsh Government to support St David’s’ bid to become the 2021 UK City of Culture. Mr Davies highlighted that a bid from the UK’s smallest city would present a significant opportunity for not just St David’s, but the whole of Pembrokeshire and west Wales too.

Mr Davies said, “This was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the St David’s bid for the next UK City of Culture. The city of St David’s has a range of cultural assets from Christian architecture and history to contemporary art and music, and of course, it is home to Wales’ own patron saint.”


16 March 2017

Cleddau Reach Pupils Have Their Say!

Pictured are members of Cleddau Reach School Council with (left to right) Nick Groves, AM Paul Davies, and Barry Childs.Cleddau Reach VC Primary School in Llangwm has become the first school in Wales to become an accredited Your Assembly Ambassador.

Run by the National Assembly for Wales Education and Youth Engagement team, the Ambassador scheme aims to involve school councils more in the work of the Assembly, and give them a platform for their own views and concerns.

As part of a day of workshops at Cleddau Reach, members of the school council learned about the work of Assembly Members and its similarity to their role as school councillors.


01 March 2017

Local AM Visits Dr Beynon's Bug Farm

Paul is pictured at The Bug Farm with Dr Sarah Beynon and Andy Holcroft.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited Dr Beynon's Bug Farm in St David’s, as part of a tour of local tourism businesses arranged by Pembrokeshire Tourism. The Bug Farm is a research centre, visitor attraction and working farm and hosts the UK's first full-time edible insect restaurant, “Grub Kitchen.” Mr Davies had a tour of the farm and even had the opportunity to try some insect snacks and meet Dave the giant hissing cockroach.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to visit Dr Beynon's Bug Farm and experience some of the facilities that the farm has. There are some fascinating facilities at the Bug Farm including a Bug Museum and a Tropical Bug Zoo as well as the infamous Grub Kitchen, the UK’s first restaurant to serve insect dishes on the menu full-time.”


Paul Davies Visits Solva Woollen Mill

Paul is pictured with Anna Grime.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited Solva Woollen Mill, as part of a tour of local tourism businesses arranged by Pembrokeshire Tourism. Solva Woollen Mill is the oldest working woollen mill in Pembrokeshire and the only mill in Wales specialising in flat woven carpets, rugs and runners.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to visit Solva Woollen Mill and meet Tom and Anna Grime. I’m not surprised that people travel from all over the world to visit the mill and learn more about weaving. It’s great to walk around the mill and see some of the amazing features, especially with the original waterwheel now restored.”


Paul Davies Celebrates Mudiad Meithrin’s 45th birthday

Paul is pictured with Dewin at Mudiad Meithrin’s birthday event at the Senedd.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently attended an event to celebrate Mudiad Meithrin’s 45th birthday at the Senedd. Mudiad Meithrin are a national voluntary organisation that offer high quality Welsh medium childcare services to around 20,000 children every week. As part of their 45th birthday, Mudiad Meithrin are attempting to break the world record for the biggest pyjamas party on Tuesday May 9th.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to attend Mudiad Meithrin’s birthday celebrations. The quality of Welsh medium care and education provision provided by Mudiad Meithrin over the years has been consistently excellent and I look forward to seeing the organisation go from strength to strength in the future. Penblwydd Hapus Mudiad Meithrin!”


24 February 2017

Local AM Learns About Pet Technology

Paul is pictured with Monima O’Connor.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited the home of Monima O’Connor in Llangoedmor to learn more about a specific type of electronic collar for domestic pets. Mrs O’Connor’s collars work by sending a signal from a buried wire around a property to a pet collar. As the pet gets closer to the boundary, it hears a beep to alert it of the dangers of the boundary ahead.

Mr Davies said, “It was very useful to visit Mrs O’Connor and learn more about this type of technology. It’s clear Mrs O’Connor is a strong advocate for the better protection of animals and has worked hard to advocate technology that further protects pets from endangering themselves and straying onto a nearby road. I was very interested in the technology and I will be feeding my experience back to my Assembly colleagues for further consideration.”


23 February 2017

Paul Davies Visits St David’s Assemblies

Paul is pictured with Glen Wells and Dave Jones of St David’s Assemblies.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited St David’s Assemblies, an engineering firm that manufactures high volumes of precision components. The company have been based in St David’s for more than fifty years, employing fifty five people and uses the very latest in technology to produce precision components.

Mr Davies said, “I was delighted to visit St David’s Assemblies and learn more about what they do. St David’s Assemblies is a significant local employer to the area and so it was particularly useful to meet with the General Manager Glen Wells, to discuss skills provision and broadband in the local area.”


17 February 2017

Questions Remain over Business Rates Package

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has responded to the Welsh Government's announcement of a targeted high street rates relief scheme by saying that there are still many questions over the scheme's eligibility criteria. The Welsh Government has announced a support package for high street businesses whose rates are rising due to a revaluation of their premises.

Mr Davies said, "Whilst I welcome any targeted intervention to support businesses that will see a rise in their business rates, the Welsh Government's package of support doesn't clearly define who is eligible for this support. There are businesses across Pembrokeshire affected by an increase in their business rates that aren't necessarily in the middle of a high street and it's not clear whether they will be supported or not."


14 February 2017

Paul Davies Visits Local Delivery Office

Paul is pictured with Nicola Smith, manager of Haverfordwest Delivery Office.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited Royal Mail's delivery office in Haverfordwest to learn more about its operations. Mr Davies met with manager Nicola Smith to discuss new technologies employed by Royal Mail and how the office processes and delivers mail.

Mr Davies said, "I was delighted to visit the local delivery office and see first-hand how the office operates. It's amazing to think that 35,000-40,000 items of mail are processed through this office every day. The staff work very hard to ensure that people living across Pembrokeshire have access to their mail as soon as practically possible and I commend them for their hard work."


06 February 2017

Paul Davies AM: Wales’ rural economy needs a plan

The rural economy needs a dedicated plan from Welsh ministers at this "critical time", Labour AM Baroness Eluned Morgan has said.

Welsh Conservatives’ Assembly Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire has responded saying that when it comes to Wales’ rural economy, the Welsh Labour Government has a “long legacy” of “ignorance and neglect”.

Paul Davies AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Secretary for Rural Affairs, calls on the Welsh Government to develop an economic strategy that addresses current challenges and meets future opportunities.


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