05 July 2017

Paul Davies Raises War Memorials Protection in Assembly Chamber

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has once again raised the issue of the protection of war memorials in Wales. Responding to a Welsh Government statement on the historic environment, Mr Davies asked the Cabinet Secretary to provide more information on how the Welsh Government is protecting war memorials across the country.

Mr Davies said, “I’m delighted to once again raise the important issue of protecting war memorials. I have long campaigned for more action to protect our military heritage, as it plays an essential part of the cultural and social fabric of our country. It’s so crucial that future generations can, not only remember the sacrifices made by so many for our freedoms, but learn about previous conflicts and develop a greater understanding of how we have become the nation we are today. Following my question in the Chamber, I’ve written to the Cabinet Secretary once again to ask for an update on the Welsh Government’s work on this issue and I look forward to his response in due course.”


04 July 2017

Anger as Welsh Government reveals less than 10% spent of €1bn EU-backed rural programme 3 years after launch

Just 10% of a flagship €1bn fund earmarked for rural development in Wales has been spent – despite the funds having been received by the Welsh Government more than 3 years ago.

According to a Written Assembly Question received by Welsh Conservative Leader, Andrew RT Davies, just £92.1m of payments have been made since June 2014, when the EU-backed Rural Development Programme 2014-20 was launched.

All approved projects will be fully funded even if they continue beyond the UK’s departure from the EU.


29 June 2017

Paul Davies Supports Too Young for Arthritis Campaign

Paul is pictured with Gaynor Funnell, Dr. Jeremy Camilleri, consultant rheumatologist at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. and Aimee Dworakowksi, who lives in Pembrokeshire and has childhood arthritis.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting a campaign to establish a tertiary multidisciplinary paediatric rheumatology service to be established in South Wales. Mr Davies recently attended a networking event of rheumatology and arthritis charities, where he met with local resident Darren Dworakowski and his daughter Aimee, who lives with childhood arthritis.

Mr Davies said, “I’m proud to support the Too Young for Arthritis campaign and call for a specialist paediatric rheumatology centre or full dedicated multidisciplinary paediatric rheumatology services to be established in Wales. It’s very disappointing that Wales is the only home nation without such a centre and therefore children like Aimee do not have access to services closer to home. It’s crucial that the Welsh Government take on-board the views of those families living with childhood arthritis and work to establish a centre in Wales, so that children in Wales are not disadvantaged compared to their neighbours in England and Scotland.”


Paul Davies Attends ColegauCymru Exhibition

Paul is pictured with Iestyn Davies, CEO of ColegauCymru and a representative of Adult Learning Wales.Local AM Paul Davies has recently attended an interactive Further Education (FE) exhibition, hosted by ColegauCymru. The exhibition showcased the work of several FE colleges and institutions from across Wales with a number of interactive activities including using robotics, nail painting, ceramics and virtual reality.

Speaking from the Senedd, Mr Davies said, “This interactive exhibition is a fantastic way to learn more about the scope of education and training offered in further education and to learn more about how the sector supports the lifelong learning agenda in Wales. FE Colleges, like Pembrokeshire College play a vital role in offering a range of academic and vocational courses, not just to young people between the ages of 16 and 21, but to students of all ages. The exhibitions showed the range of courses on offer and it’s great to see these colleges and institutions making education and learning much more accessible to our communities and encouraging learning to people at all ages of life.”


Local AM Celebrates One Year as Puffin Champion

Paul is pictured with Sharon Thompson, Head of Policy & Advocacy at the RSPB.Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies has attended an event to celebrate one year of being a Species Champion. The event, hosted by the Wales Environment Link gave Members the opportunity to discuss how best to promote Wales’ vulnerable species.

Mr Davies said, “I’m very proud to be a species champion, particularly for the Atlantic Puffin and I will continue to do all that I can to protect local puffins from any threats to their existence. Sadly, the Atlantic Puffin is on the Amber List of UK Birds of Conservation Concern and so it’s crucial that we all redouble our efforts to protect the puffins.”


28 June 2017

Local Politicians Attend Public Meeting on Speeding Issues

Paul is pictured with Huw Griffin (Senior Engineer, Traffic Engineering of the South Wales Trunk Road Agency) and Chris Davies (Area Engineer West).Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently attended a public meeting with Pembrokeshire County Councillor Bob Kilmister to bring forward interested stakeholders to discuss road safety and speeding in Dinas Cross. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Pembrokeshire County Council and the South Wales Trunk Road Agency and discussed a range of local speeding issues in the area.

Mr Davies said, “The public meeting was a great opportunity to engage with local people and with those involved keeping the area as safe as possible. The meeting gave attendees the opportunity to air their views on how we can best tackle the concerns surrounding speeding through the village and the risk it poses to pedestrian safety. For my part I will continue to make representations to the Welsh Government and to the South Wales Trunk Agency on this issue, whenever the opportunity presents itself.”


21 June 2017

TB eradication scheme must not lead to “flurry of regulations”

Welsh Conservatives say they will support an “all-encompassing” scheme to tackle bovine TB, but call for cast-iron guarantees that the Welsh Government’s new scheme won’t lead to extra red tape.

Responding to today’s statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Environment & Rural Affairs, Shadow Agriculture Secretary, Paul Davies, said:

“We want to see decisive action from the Welsh Government to tackle a disease that is having a devastating impact on Welsh farming. I am pleased that at long last the current Cabinet Secretary is starting to take the necessary steps to remove this disease from the wildlife population as well as tackling the disease in cattle.


20 June 2017

DAVIES: Statement on Committee Chairs allocation

Welsh Conservative Business Manager and Chief Whip, Paul Davies, has criticised opposition parties following the decision to reallocate some Committee Chairs in the National Assembly.

Commenting outside the chamber, Mr Davies AM, said:

“It is unacceptable, deeply undemocratic and frankly worrying that the National Assembly for Wales proposes to operate in this manner.

“Welsh Conservatives believe the National Assembly should honour and respect the Presiding Officer’s original determination, however opposition parties have decided to show a complete disregard for the Standing Orders and political balance of this place.


16 June 2017

Rivers Trust calls for ‘better regulation’ of Anaerobic Digesters

There are calls for better regulation of the use of anaerobic digesters in Wales following a series of incidents leading to pollution.

In some cases, the machines – used to break down animal and food waste into gas for energy – have failed, causing a “slurry-like” substance to leak into water courses.

The Rivers Trust of Wales is calling for stiffer penalties.


15 June 2017

Report raises questions over whether NRW is ‘fit for purpose’

The decision to sell £39 million of timber to a sawmill without a proper business plan has been described as “extraordinary” in a report by AMs.

The Public Accounts Committee’s recommendations have been accepted in full by Natural Resources Wales, but Welsh Conservatives say serious questions remain for NRW.

It has been claimed that EU competition laws may have been breached by the deal, due to a failure to follow proper procurement and tendering procedures.


14 June 2017

New hope for Welsh autism law as AMs to take a fresh vote

A fresh vote on whether the needs of Wales’ 34,000-strong autism community should be enshrined into law will be put to Assembly Members today (14/06).

The proposal is led by Welsh Conservative AM Paul Davies. If successful, health boards and councils would be legally required to specify what services they need to deliver and would expand upon the Welsh Government's autism strategy.

Last October, Welsh Conservatives’ attempt to bring about an Autism Bill was voted down, despite receiving cross-party support.


Paul Davies’ Autism Bill to be debated in the Senedd

A piece of legislation specifically for the autism community will be debated in the Senedd today (14th June), thanks to local AM Paul Davies. Mr Davies was selected from a ballot in March to bring forward a legislative proposal and he’s chosen to put forward plans for a proposed Autism (Wales) Bill.

Paul Davies said, “I’m delighted to be given such a wonderful opportunity to bring forward an Autism (Wales) Bill. The Bill aims to address gaps in autism provision across the country, as well as giving autism a proper statutory identity.


06 June 2017

Carers Week 2017 Supported By Paul Davies

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is once again showing his support for Carers Week 2017. Carers Week aims to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the enormous contribution carers make to families and communities throughout the UK. This year it will continue its focus on building Carer Friendly Communities – places where local people and services support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own.

Paul Davies said, “I’m honoured to once again be supporting Carers Week, recognising the very important contribution that carers make in Pembrokeshire and beyond. The theme this year is Carer Friendly Communities and I sincerely hope that communities across the County reach out to support carers where they can. We can all do more to better understand some of the challenges that carers face and I encourage everyone to consider ways that we can better support carers and show our appreciation for their hard work.”


24 May 2017

Local AM Backs Dogs Die in Hot Cars Campaign

Local Assembly Member Paul Davies is supporting a Thunderclap campaign to raise awareness of the risks of leaving dogs unattended in a car or other vehicle. The campaign, led by several animal welfare charities, is reminding people that a car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn’t feel that warm. When the weather is 22 degrees outside, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour.

Mr Davies said, “This is such an important campaign and I’m pleased to do all that I can to help raise awareness of the dangers of leaving dogs in vehicles when the temperature is hot. It’s important that everyone recognises the signs of overheating in dogs, which include panting, disorientation, excessive thirst, dark gums, vomiting, diarrhoea and losing consciousness. If you see a dog in distress or suffering from any of these symptoms in a hot car, then please dial 999.”


Paul Davies Visits Jig-So

Paul is pictured with Jig-So’s Linda Grace.Preseli Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Paul Davies recently visited Jig-So Children’s centre to learn more about the delivery of services in North Pembrokeshire. Jig-So run a number of childcare programmes and courses, including a “Baby Explorer” group for parents, language and play sessions and even a food hygiene course.

Mr Davies said, “It’s always a pleasure to visit Jig-So and hear more about their plans for the future. The programmes that are currently on offer are delivered to the highest calibre and really do provide a lifeline to families in the area. It’s this sort of practice that the Welsh Government must look to roll out in other parts of the country, so that all families can have access to these resources and services. The team at Jig-So are committed to delivering the highest possible services and it’s great to see Jig-So continue to go from strength to strength.”


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