October 2017

19 October 2017

Paul Davies Supports Campaign for more First Aid training in schools

Local AM Paul Davies is supporting a campaign for first aid education to be included as a life skill on the new school curriculum currently being developed in Wales. Earlier this year a mapping exercise was conducted by Wales’ three leading first aid educators – the British Red Cross, St John Cymru and the British Heart Foundation and its research showed that only 22.4% of pupils in Pembrokeshire have received first aid training in 2017.

Mr Davies said: “Learning first aid is a lifesaving skill and it’s so important that as many students as possible have the opportunity to learn basic first aid and how to support or help someone in need. Therefore, I’m happy to support such a wonderful campaign and I sincerely hope that the Welsh Government will consider putting first aid on the new school curriculum. It’s disappointing that only 22.4% of Pembrokeshire pupils have access to this training so far – these are skills that are beneficial to everyone and the sooner this training is put on the curriculum, the better prepared our children and young people will be.”


12 October 2017

Environment & Rural Affairs portfolio ‘falling down pecking order’ under Labour & Plaid

Welsh Conservatives have expressed concerns over significant cuts to the Environment & Rural Affairs portfolio, which they say shows how far down the ‘pecking order’ the portfolio has fallen.

A 15% real terms cut to funding for environment and rural affairs in last week’s budget agreement between Labour and Plaid Cymru has received sting rebukes from wildlife and countryside charities.

They claim an ‘apparent gap’ is growing between ministerial pledges on the environment and the Welsh Government’s actions.


Local AM Opposes Tourist Tax

Local AM Paul Davies is opposing Welsh Government plans to introduce a tourist tax in Wales. The Welsh Government’s agreed budget statement with Plaid Cymru earlier this month included the proposal to consider a tax on tourists so that the revenue generated could be used to support the local industry and encourage jobs and growth in Wales.

Mr Davies said: “A tourist tax would be devastating for tourist operators across Pembrokeshire and could lead to a loss of trade and income for many local businesses. This proposal would also discourage people from visiting Wales and make the average family holiday much more expensive – leading to visitors seeking holidays elsewhere in the UK.”


05 October 2017

Paul Davies backs campaign to BEAT FLU

Paul is pictured supporting the Beat Flu campaign at the Senedd.Local AM Paul Davies is urging all those eligible for the free influenza (flu) vaccine to protect themselves and those around them. Vaccination is the best protection against catching or spreading influenza, which is a debilitating and potentially deadly illness.

Mr Davies is joining calls being made by Public Health Wales urging those in at risk groups to make an appointment with their local GP or go to their community pharmacy and get the free flu vaccine soon. At risk groups include pregnant women, people with certain long-term illnesses, those aged 65 or over and carers. All children aged two to eight years are also being offered protection with a simple nasal spray flu vaccine – so no needle. Two and three year olds (age on 31 August 2017) will have their nasal spray vaccine at their GP surgery and children in reception class, year one, two, three and four in primary school will be offered their nasal spray vaccine at school.


04 October 2017

Paul Davies Visits Pontfaen Hydro-Electric Scheme

Paul  is pictured with Harry Boggis-Rolfe.Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently visited a small hydro-electric power scheme in Pontfaen, North Pembrokeshire, to hear more about how the scheme can generate power for up to seventy houses. Mr Davies received a tour from owner, Harry Boggis-Rolfe, who explained some of the current challenges and opportunities presented by the scheme.

Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to visit the hydro-electric scheme and learn more about how that scheme is helping deliver power to seventy houses. Pembrokeshire is a prime location for renewable energy production and it’s important that small schemes such as this have the support that they need to generate power across the County. The geography of Pembrokeshire provides a strong base for hydropower schemes to flourish and it’s crucial that opportunities like this are fully developed. Hydroelectric power schemes are one of the greenest and cleanest alternative energy sources around and it’s important that Governments at all levels do all that they can to support and develop local renewable energy power schemes.”


02 October 2017

Local AM Attends Macmillan Coffee Morning

[L-R] Eddie Shardlow (RVS Voluntary Driver), Dai Rogers (PBE Fuels), Paul Davies AM, Judith Allen (Red Cross). Seated – Jacqui Evans (Red Cross Volunteer), Jane Potter (Red Cross PIVOT Caseworker).Local Assembly Member Paul Davies has recently attended a Macmillan coffee morning, hosted by Pembrokeshire Intermediate Voluntary Organisations Team (PIVOT) and Haverfordwest Red Cross Team. The coffee morning was a great opportunity to have a coffee and a chat whilst learning about the important work Red Cross is doing across the County.

Mr Davies said, “Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is a fantastic event that brings communities across Wales together and it was great be a part of that campaign by attending a local coffee morning hosted by the Red Cross team. One in three people will face cancer and it’s important that we all work together to support cancer patients from the very moment that they are diagnosed. Events like this coffee morning are an important way of raising awareness of cancer and the impact that it has on so many lives in Pembrokeshire.”


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