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Latest News from Paul Davies

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Withybush Hospital Paediatric Department - Paul Davies Question to Vaughan Gething - 22/11/16

Paul Davies raising concerns over announcement of reduction in hours of paediatric department at Withybush Hospital.

Withybush Hospital

Withybush Hospital

withybushThumbProtecting the services and status of Withybush Hospital is Paul’s top priority.  Maintaining access to hospital services based locally is vital to the safety and convenience of Pembrokeshire people.

Along with Stephen Crabb MP, Paul has given his unqualified support to the Save Withybush Action Team (SWAT), and has repeatedly called for assurances... Read More



housingThumbThe combination of relatively low incomes and soaring property prices has left Pembrokeshire with a severe shortage of affordable housing, and means that many local families are unable to afford their own homes, and some are increasingly forced out of the county all together.

With more than 4,000 people currently on the...Read More



a-40ThumbKeeping competitive in the 21st Century is vital if Pembrokeshire is to maintain its position as one of Wales’ preeminent areas for industry and tourism. That is why Paul has long campaigned to see the dualling of the A40 from St Clears to Haverfordwest and Fishguard.

With new major developments of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) terminals at...Read More

Rural Affairs

Rural Affairs

ruralAffairsThumbAs a largely rural constituency, the farming industry remains at the heart of the Pembrokeshire economy. The issues facing the agricultural industry – from TB and Foot-and-Mouth to unsustainable prices – are ones that Paul feels passionately about.

Paul has met regularly with farming groups, such as...Read More

Rail Services

Rail Services

railServicesThumbImproved rail services to and from Pembrokeshire is something Paul has been fighting for. At a time of massive fuel price increases, investment in the rail network in West Wales is vital both economically and environmentally, as well as giving residents more opportunity to use public transport.

Paul has been fully supportive of the...Read More

Your AM

The National Assembly for Wales is made up of 60 Assembly Members, with 40 representing constituencies, and 20 other regional members. An AM represents all of his or her constituents in the National Assembly in Cardiff Bay. They deal with all matters relating to their constituency. More Information

Latest Video

BITC run BT Internet Rangers session in Pembrokeshire

Paul Davies AM visits a BITC run BT Internet Rangers session in Pembrokeshire.